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I'll keep you my dirty little secret.

One day you'll be just another regret.

23 October
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Hi, I'm darkhawkhealer and I'll be your host for today. This is a fic journal for a centralised location of everything I'll admit to. There's more, floating about on various mailing lists and archives, but not really anything I'd be willing to put my name on.

My first piece of fanfc was het in the JQ:TRA fandom, at age 14. I like to think I've grown a little as a writer since then, so there you have it.

What will you find here?

Pretty much same-sex relationships of a homoerotic nature. Usually boys, but I do so adore my girls.

I write fiction of a loving and consensual kinky/BDSM/alternate lifestyle nature. You are highly likely to encounter this in any of my stories.

I do not warn for kink. I do, however, have a Caveat Lector sticky post with warnings for anything I think could possibly be triggery to other people. If you think you might be triggered by my fiction, you can go there and check. I'll do my best to keep it updated and current, but I make no promises, because there are very few things I think NEED a warning. Just drop me a line if I'm missing something and I'll do my best to modify it.

Thanks, and happy reading!

03/22/2011: Oh, and one more thing...I am utter and absolute CRAP at responding to feedback. Not because I don't treasure each and every piece, but mainly because I'm not good at being so on top of things. I am working on it, but if I have neglected to thank you for your feedback, please accept my humble apology and know that I know I suck.

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